4th T.20 Ministers´ Meeting (Mexico, 2012)

A major milestone in the T20 Initiative was achieved in 2012. For the first time, the G20 Leaders recognized in their Declaration tourism as a driver of economic growth and job creation and further committed to work on travel facilitation as a means to stimulate tourism growth.

“We recognize the role of travel and tourism as a vehicle for job creation, economic growth and development, and, while recognizing the sovereign right of States to control the entry of foreign nationals, we will work towards developing travel facilitation initiatives in support of job creation, quality work, poverty reduction and global growth.” G20 Declaration, Los Cabos, Mexico 2012

This historic declaration followed the work of the 4th T20 Ministers’ Meeting where “G20 Ministers of Tourism and other invited States work within the framework of their international commitments, together with International Organizations, to improve visa regimes and issuance processes without detriment to the authority or security of each State”. They also agreed to “further work to ensure fast, transparent and effective travel facilitation and visa programs based upon existing international commitments, for the purpose of increasing travel and tourism and job creation and encouraged “that the G20 recognizes the role of travel and tourism as a vehicle for job creation, economic growth and development, and commit to travel facilitation as a conduit for job creation, decent work, poverty alleviation and global  growth.” Declaration of the 4th T20 Ministers Meeting



T.20 Report: The impact of Visa Facilitation on Job Creation in the G20 Economies




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